Mark your calendar for our upcoming Virtual Test Ride!

by JIVR Bike September 07, 2016

Mark your calendar for our upcoming Virtual Test Ride! You will have the chance to see all the features ouf JIVR | Bike presented to you by JIVR CEO Martin Piatkowski, who will also answer all your questions. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

JIVR | Bike Virtual Test Ride

JIVR | Bike is a futuristic chainless folding electric smart bike designed to improve urban commuting.

With a weight less than 16 kg and 4-step easy folding mechanism, JIVR Bike is extremely portable and can be taken to a bus, train and trunk of the car to easily combine different modes of transport. JIVR | Bike has three cycling modes: electric, manual or assisted pedaling. The battery range is 30 kilometers, which is enough for a journey to the office and back but in case the battery goes flat it still can be pedaled as a regular bike. The battery can be fully charged in any electric socket in just 3 hours. JIVR | Bike’s electric motor assistance can be used to accelerate to 25 km/h in no time.
An extension for the bicycle is JIVR App, available on iOS, Windows and Android. It is capable of giving statistic charts, count the kilometers and calories burned, plan the route and navigate the way and also make quick phone calls.

Now we give you a unique opportunity to have JIVR CEO @[100007622082892:2048:Martin Piatkowski] present you all the features of JIVR | Bike, show you some bits of the manufacturing process and answer all of your questions!

Join our Virtual Test Ride on 15th September 2016 and see for yourself how JIVR | Bike will change the way you think about urban commuting!

Sign up here:
JIVR | Bike Virtual Test Ride



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